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Beth's Adam Sandler Site- News on adam

4/17/01: Little Nicky soon for rent!
Little Nicky should be out to rent in a couple 
of days. cool huh? not really but anyway its news. :)

7/31/00: New Pages on this site! 1.I am going to put up a Fun Adam Page were you can play games etc. 2.I am going to be adding a tabs page this stuff may take some time but if you can help me this stuff well happen faster than if I do it myself and you well get special thanks for it and it would mean alot! so peace and look forward to the new Stuff on this site!
7/30/00: New Stuff on Little Nicky Little Nicky well be out Nov. 10 (theater) Cast: Adam Sandler, Harvey Keitel, Allen Covert, Jonathan Loughran, Peter Dante. Director: Steven Brill Distributor: New Line Cinema Genre: Comedy some pictures of his new movie (thanks to New Line Cinema)
**I give credit to the temple for this info and Huey!** 7/28/00: Pauly Shore Pauly Shore was a recent guest on The Craig Kilborn Show. Kilborn asked Pauly if he is starring in any upcoming films. Shore said he isn't in anything big, just independent stuff. Kilborn asked why? Pauly replied, "Because they're giving all the roles to Adam Sandler." Shore said that he had recently ran into Adam at Subway. He claims that Adam was carrying 20 or so subs. Hehe. Shore then says he did a mock voice of Adam and then asked him why he's making 20 mil. a picture,while he's only making two? Pauly wanted to know the difference. Adam replies, "I guess 18 million."
7/25/00: Nealon Makes A Deal With Happy Madison "The Animal" News Kevin Nealon and Jon Henson (Talk Soup) have a deal with Happy Madison, the film is currently an untitled cupid project, with Sandler as producer. That's all on the film as of now. Expect more on that project later this year. Also, the screenwriters for "The Animal" are Tom Brady (Men Behaving Badly) and Rob Schneider.
7/25/00: The Johnson Five A while back, I reported that Adam was interested in a film entitled "The Five Jones". Apparently, Adam has signed on to star in the film which has been re-named to "The Johnson Five". The film is about the five Johnson brothers who become reunited after many years apart...that's all of the plot that has been released so far. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but Adam might be playing all five of the brothers. There has been no other cast announced yet other than Adam. The director has also not been announced yet. New Line Cinema will be distributing the film. The screenwriter is Fred Wolf (Joe Dirt, Dirty Work,Black Sheep). Filming is expected to begin in late 2000 or early 2001. The film has been set to be released June 29th 2001.
7/25/00: Joe Dirt News/ Updated Joe Dirt finished filming in early July 2000. has been updated with the info I reported on 7/18/00's update about getting your bands song played in Little Nicky.
7/25/00: Animated Film Info, Deuce Rental Report Today on "Live With Regis & Cathy Lee" Kathy started talking about how her and Regis had a cameo in Little Nicky. Kathy Lee said Adam wanted her son Cody to audition for a voice role in the animated film. Apparently, Cody auditioned for four roles and only got one of them. Thanks to Huey for that story. Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo is doing very well in rentals. Deuce is at three.
7/25/00: & Team Up With New Line Info On New Happy Madison Project If you have a band or know someone that's in a band, well here's your chance to be discovered! Stop by and submit your band's song.Every song submitted to the site will be rated my users. Then, the songs will be narrowed to only 10. The ten songs chosen will then be submitted to the director of Little Nicky, Steven Brill, who will then decide the winner. Visitors to will be able to create a music video for the song that wins. The music video that wins will be featured as the music video for Little Nicky. The film has been entitled "Master of Disguise". Dana will obviously star as a man who is one of the last great masters of disguise. The movie will be distributed by Columbia Pictures, and produced by Revolution Studios and Happy Madison. Dana and Harris Goldberg (also wrote Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo) will write the screenplay. Filming will begin this November and is set for a 2001 release.
7/25/00: Director Martin Scorsese Wants Sandler Here's an article from the IMDB. "Taxi Driver (1976) director Martin Scorsese refuses to start filming his new movie until he's got his dream cast. The Hollywood legend is making a film about crooner Dean Martin called Dino (2001), but Scorsese has a list of top stars he wants in the film and he is prepared to wait until they are available. One of those on the Goodfellas (1990) director's hit list is Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) star Hugh Grant, currently in London filming Bridget Jones's Diary (2001). Scorsese sees him as the ideal man to play Martin's fellow Rat Pack pal Peter Lawford. He also wants Saving Private Ryan (1998) star Tom Hanks to play Martin and Pulp Fiction (1994) actor John Travolta to star as Frank Sinatra. The director's dream continues with Wedding Singer, The (1998) star Adam Sandler as comic Joey Bishop and THE MASK's Jim Carrey as Jerry Lewis. The lesser-known Rat Pack member, Ocean's 11 (1960) actor Lawford, who died in 1984, married John F. Kennedy's sister Patricia, earning him the nickname Brother-in-Lawford."
7/25/00: "The In Crowd" Premiere Adam will be at the premiere for the upcoming film "The In Crowd" Monday July 17th with a bunch of other stars at the Mann's Bruin Theater. The star arrivals will be at 6:30 pm and the screening starts at 7:30 pm.
7/25/00: American Neurotic In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly there is a short article about a film entitled "American Neurotic". The film is written by Mike White (Other writing credits include: Dawson's Creek, Freaks & Geeks) and is scheduled to be released it 2001. The film is about a man who falls in love with his therapist's daughter. The production is an adaptation of "The Fall of the House of Usher." The main character is described as "Mary Poppins meets Willy Wonka". The IMDB already has a listing for American Neurotic, with Adam being listed as a cast member. It hasn't been officially confirmed that this will be Adam's next film.